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Penzion K Penzion K
Penzion K

Dětské hříště

Rozšířiil jsme dětské hříště.

11.08. 21 | 17:08

Penzion K


Vynovili jsme venkovní ohniště.

11.08. 21 | 17:07

Penzion K

Rozšíření plochy

Zvětšili jsme venkovní parkovací plochu a postavili jsme na ní novou pergolu.

11.08. 21 | 17:06

Penzion K

Nová fasáda

10.01. 15 | 17:47

Boarding - house K

Boarding - house K finds marginal Krkonoše in clachan Arnultovice near Vrchlabí.
Is that a ideal place for cognition Krkonoše - among Trutnovem, Špindlerovým Mlýnem and oven p. Sněžkou .
Restaurant and boarding - house K was state to the running in July 2004. Is here pleasant and undisturbed environment, possibility outings to the woods, but also short distance from cities.
Accommodation near Vrchlabi,in our boarding - house is highly comfortable and its guests offer maximum comfort behind very pleasant awards.
Our credo is satisfied consumer head. Everything subordinate that,to was client at our place satisfied and in future to us like return.
Please on your visit and hopethat the choose for accommodation in Krkonoše just our boarding - house no matter what already for summer or winter holiday.So don't hesitate and arrive to us spell.

Possibilities accommodation in Krkonoše en pension K

  • Offer pleasant accommodation in four 2- sick - bed rooms with additional bed,
    two 3- sick - bed rooms with additional bed and one 4- sick - bed room with additional bed.
  • To all room pertains accessories,TV and satellite.
  • Available are free to lend sporting goods.

In fine only remind ofthat the accommodation in Krkonoše is unforgettable experience.Is here great outdoors namely how in summer so in winter.Identified local pictorial nook and catch sight of ourselvesthat the here will you like to return.

Penzion K, Arnultovice 72, 543 72 Rudník u Vrchlabí, eMail:, tel: +420 777 78 08 08
Penzion K